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About Us

Who We Are

We are a new business based in Dubai and led by a senior recruitment professional with over 12 years’ experience in international staffing and HR.

What We Do

We provide a complete job placement & guidance service for professionals looking to advance their careers in the Dubai area. We operate across all sectors and job levels.

How We Do It

We focus on making high-quality matches between job seekers and opportunities, aiming for lasting and satisfying career moves.

Why Us

Careful Shortlisting

Our process involves precise shortlisting of candidates, guided by your exact job requirements. Furthermore, we assess each candidate on a variety of career interest and job preference aspects, to ensure the candidates you receive will also be a good fit for the company culture and will be happy to work there.

Extensive Local Database

We are building a very large database of job candidates who are interested in making a career move in Dubai. We source from various social media channels and networking events to find the best talent, including passive candidates which are not easy to attract through normal advertising. Most candidates in our database are local and would not require relocation or interview travel costs.

Fast & Free to Use

Our services are provided completely free of charge (subject to the provisions below), and thus will help you make great savings on your recruitment costs. Also, as we have a 1-week turnaround time for candidate supply, we help you cut down the lead time significantly as well.

What we ask

Advance Vacancy Notice

We kindly request that your vacancies be sent to us three working days prior to posting them on any other channel. You have the choice of which vacancies to assign to us in this manner, and which to post elsewhere. Once we receive a job vacancy, we commit to providing a shortlist of the top 3 qualified candidates within the three working days.

Fair Chance for Candidates

Our service can only work if the candidates get an edge over the general mass of applicants. We kindly ask that you carefully review our shortlist and give the candidates a chance to express themselves over a personal or telephone interview. Upon this, candidates may be rejected if you do not find them suitable.

Support for the Process

We count on your support to make this service viable. By following our process as outlined here, we can ensure the right candidates get the right positions and everyone is happy! We also count on your word of mouth to grow our vacancy database, and therefore attract more qualified candidates into the system.



Contact Us

Kindly use this form for feedback and special services enquiries only. To be considered for job vacancies you must register and upload your CV via the links at the top.